VECTOR INDOJANIX (P) LTD, established in 1990 is engaged in offering sustained and cost effective solutions to all power related problems. Well known as the first generation entrepreneurs, the company is involved in the manufacturing and servicing of power correction equipments viz. Servo voltage stabilizers, UPS of various capacities for 26 years.

The company is an industrious introducer of variety of power correction products, with suitable solutions to all power problems of various sectors through unstinted service modules and dedicated after sales service, thus assuring lucarative investments for all it's clients.

Our company functions on the lines of corporate segments interms of professionlism and management duly governed by business ethics and inclined to offer a win - win situation to all those associated with us despite being a MSME unit.

The Director's profile has been selected for United Nations study to showcase her entrepreneurial intiative in the MSME sector.